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The Paved PaaS to Microservices at Netflix

Traditionally, a tug of war has existed between service reliability and engineering velocity. Increasing speed to fuel product innovation has meant making tradeoffs in reliability. Netflix standardizes common functionality, like service discovery, configuration, metrics, logging, and RPC across...

Yunong Xiao Principal Software Engineer @Netflix
Zero to Production-Ready in Minutes

The fabric of Netflix's approach to building new highly-available services is evolving. The Runtime Platform Team is focused on improving developer productivity while simultaneously making it simpler to build and maintain the high-availability services that Netflix expects. Starting with...

Tim Bozarth Director of Engineering @Netflix
Adopting Stream Processing for Instrumentation

In the midst of building a multi-datacenter, multi-tenant instrumentation and visibility system, we arrived at stream processing as an alternative to storing, forwarding, and post-processing metrics as traditional systems do. However, the streaming paradigm is alien to many engineers and...

Sean Cribbs Software Engineer @Comcast
Spotify Lessons: Learning to Let Go of Machines

Spotify is currently one of the most popular music streaming services in the world with over 100 million monthly active users. At Spotify, a team of 6 engineers maintains the machine provisioning and capacity fleet for all 150+ Spotify teams. This talk is going to tell the story of how...

James Wen Site Reliability Engineer @Spotify
Developer Experience Open Space

Removing Friction In the Developer Experience

Our ability to be productive engineers can be distilled to the sum of two forces: things that motivate us, and -things that hold us back. While the levers of autonomy, mastery and purpose and their effect on motivation are well popularised, engineering organisations are often held back by...

Adrian Trenaman SVP Engineering, HBC Digital / Gilt & Committer Apache Karaf


Katrina Owen Ecosystem engineer @github

Succession: A Refactoring Story

What is the focus of your work today?

At GitHub, we have a GraphQL and a REST API. I focus on the REST API (we have about 550 public API endpoints in the REST API and that keeps growing). Most of my team works on the GraphQL side of things. I mainly work on the guts of the API - the plumbing, performance, and consistency. Much of my work is around things like code reviews...

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Justin Kitagawa Senior Director Platform Engineering @twilio

Platforms at Twilio: Unlocking Developer Effectiveness

What are you doing today?

I'm a senior director of engineering for our platform. Twilio is comprised of 100+ different engineering teams. We share the same engineering DNA as Amazon and Netflix, so we have smaller autonomous 2-pizzas teams that are responsible for a subsection of our overall puzzle. There are vertical teams and horizontal teams. Vertical teams...

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