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Past Presentations

I Have A NoSQL toaster

NoSQL is a catch-all term that covers a lot of different types of data storage. Is it really helpful to group them together by one thing they don't have? Think about it like this: my toaster is as much NoSQL as any database! So, how can we make more sense of this new breed of database management...

Matthew Groves Developer Advocate @Couchbase
Mobile Apps: To SQL or Not to SQL

Throughout the course of the mobile apps revolution, the world has seen many changes in the technology landscape. What started off with fewer than 500 apps has quickly surpassed the millions mark. As languages, platforms, and styles have come and gone one thing, above all else, has persisted;...

Rob Hedgpeth Senior Developer Advocate, Mobile & IoT @couchbase
The Rise of Multi-Model Databases

Nowadays, you must handle many types, structures, and data formats in your organizations – JSON, graph, spatial, series, relational, etc. – supporting a variety of use cases and workloads. Multi-model databases seem to be the next natural step in the evolution of databases.First used...

Abdel Dadouche Developer Relations @SAP

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