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Past Presentations

Data as DNA: Building a Company on Data

Creating a data driven culture is no simple task. Many companies say they are data-centric but few are taking full advantage of the data they have and spend massive amounts of time aggregating it. What does it take to create a data-driven culture? And, can you take it too far? With stories from...

Cathy Polinsky CTO & Head of Engineering and Product @StitchFix
Deep Listening: Creating Conversational Agility

One-third of all project failure is the result of poor communication and ineffective listening. In this presentation, you will learn how to increase your ability to respond to project breakdowns by simply changing the way you listen. Topics covered: Learn the latest developments in the...

Brian Branagan Silicon Valley Change Executive Coaching
Getting Old(er) in Tech: Staying Relevant

Is software a field just for twenty­somethings? In our fast­-paced industry, it can often feel that way. In this talk, Don Denoncourt will explore how to stay relevant in the tech industry. Don has over three decades experience with numerous tech stacks. He is currently a Lead Code...

Don Denoncourt Lead Code Wisperer @Corgibytes
Refactoring Organizations - A Netflix Study

Is your service architecture and engineering velocity constrained by organizational concerns? Does it seem impossible to give priority to key initiatives regardless of intent? Are engineers switching tasks so often that they are just treading water? Are critical projects endlessly backlogged? Has...

Josh Evans Engineering Leader at Large (formerly Director of Operations Engineering @Netflix)
Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice

Happiness means more than being happy while you are working independently. It also means being happy with your team, your boss, your company. Yet, too often, teams gloss over the importance of team communication, only to find it’s their achilles heel of morale. In fact, effective team...

Debbie Madden CEO & Founder @Stride
Practical Empathy: Unlock the Super Power

Is empathy a mystical power a few select people have or a practical learnable life-skill? In this talk, Pavneet will share how his journey towards empathy has helped with burnout, Imposter Syndrome, parenting and self-care. We will explore the core components of empathy and how a software...

Pavneet Singh Saund Empathy Driven Team Lead / Web Developer @Komplett.No


Michele Titolo Tech Lead and Architect @Square

No Microservice Is an Island

You worked at Capital One first and then switched over to Square. So what were you working on at Capital One?

At Capital One, I was working on the first layer of services that our mobile app and website hit. Any new mobile or web request would first reach the service owned by my team.  This service implemented security and customisation logic and then made a server request to the broader Capital one ecosystem. Capital One has a lot of...

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