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Peloton - Uber's Webscale Unified Scheduler on Mesos & Kubernetes

With the increasing scale of Uber’s business, efficient use of cluster resources is important to reduce the cost per trip. As we have learned when operating Mesos clusters in production, it is a challenge to overcommit resources for latency-sensitive services due to their large spread of...

Mayank Bansal Staff Engineer @Uber
Apoorva Jindal Senior Software Engineer @Uber
Alibaba Container Platform Infrastructure - a Kubernetes Approach

As one of the biggest data companies in the world, Alibaba provides thousands of on-line/off-line services to various customers to support their business. Most of the Alibaba applications are fully containerized and run on top of Alibaba container platform which manages huge number of...

Fei Guo Senior Staff Engineer in Alibaba Container Platform Group
How to Evolve Kubernetes Resource Management Model

Built with Linux container and cgroup technologies, Kubernetes provides an efficient  framework for deploying different kinds of application workloads across multiple machines and compute platforms. Over the past five years, Kubernetes has evolved to support increasingly complex and diverse...

Jiaying Zhang Software Engineer @Google Kubernetes team
Practical mTLS: Security Without the Headaches

Over the last few years, more and more system administrators and developers have become concerned about guaranteeing the authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality of their network communications. TLS has emerged as the solution recommended by security practitioners for all these problems....

Ying Li Security Engineer @Docker
Securing a Multi-Tenant Kubernetes Cluster

Organizations are rapidly adopting containers and Kubernetes to more easily develop and manage the applications that drive business value. However, to get the biggest bang for your Kubernetes buck, you need strong multi-tenancy with security built-in at all layers of the software stack. You need...

Kirsten Newcomer OpenShift Senior Principal Product Manager @RedHat
A Series of Unfortunate Container Events @Netflix

Project Titus is Netflix's container runtime on top of Amazon EC2. Titus powers algorithm research through massively parallel model training, media encoding, data research notebooks, ad hoc reporting, NodeJS UI services, stream processing and general micro-services. As an update from last year's...

Andrew Spyker Manager, Netflix Container Cloud @Netflix
Amit Joshi Senior Software Engineer @Netflix


Brian Chambers Enterprise Architect @ChickfilA Caleb Hurd Site Reliability Engineer @ChickfilA

Chick-Fil-A: Milking the Most Out of 1000's of K8s Clusters

How does the Kubernetes implementation at Chick-Fil-A differ from more common approaches to Kubernetes deployments?

Brian: Most of the people that we see in the industry that are running Kubernetes clusters at any kind of scale (or really running and big container platforms) generally have a cloud-based infrastructure that they run in AWS (or Google). Most companies have a single or a few sizeable Kubernetes clusters with a large number of nodes (on...

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Niko Kurtti Production Engineer @Shopify

Forced Evolution: Shopify's Journey to Kubernetes

What’s the focus of your work today?

I'm on the cloud platform team. Mostly I'm working with Kubernetes. The main goal is to make sure our platform for developers is working. That may mean that I'm debugging some issues with Docker or Kubernetes, or I’m writing Golang to automate the platform. Today, I'm actually working on improving our cluster life cycle, we are...

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Mohit Gupta Product Manager, Infrastructure @clever

Control Planes: Designing Infrastructure for Rapid Iteration

What is your field of working for today?

I've been at Clever for since the start (five and a half years while the company itself started around six years ago).  I joined as a software engineer, started focussed on infrastructure and security and also started the infrastructure team. Due to my tenure, I do end up dealing with things such as old database instances and the...

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Emma Haruka Iwao Senior Developer Advocate @GCPcloud

Introduction to gVisor: Sandboxed Linux Container Runtime

What’s the focus of the work you do today? You're an advocate, are you focused on talking about gVisor right now or what's your main focus?

I am focused on application development, specifically Ruby development, and working to deliver content for application developers to run their applications on cloud. I encourage application developers to use Google Cloud in addition to their current infrastructure by explaining why Google Cloud is efficient and secure on its own.

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Mike McGarr Manager of Developer Productivity @Netflix and Co-Host of the Productivity Engineering Silicon Valley Meetup

Better DevEx at Netflix: Polyglot and Containers

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Fei Guo Senior Staff Engineer in Alibaba Container Platform Group

Alibaba Container Platform Infrastructure - a Kubernetes Approach

What is the focus of your work today?

I'm currently working on Alibaba Container Platform team, focusing on the integration of the Kubernetes including extending it for our workloads and needs in terms of creating new controllers making the Scheduler more scalable and providing native Kubernetes API to the upper pass layer demanded by other clients in the Alibaba cloud...

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