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Papers We Love - QCon NYC Edition

Papers We Love is a nonprofit organization that is bringing academic and non-academic research in computer-science, computer-science-education, electrical engineering, and what's in-between to everyone via online-discussion, meetups, and events. We've hosted presentations on subjects ranging from...

Let's talk locks!

Locks have a bad rap for “being slow” and yet, they’re used extensively in applications and under-the-hood. So, what gives? This talk resolves the dichotomy. We’ll explore when and why locks affect performance, delve into Go’s lock implementation as a case study, and...

Kavya Joshi Software Engineer @Samsara
Leaving the Ivory Tower: Research in the Real World

Academic research often has a reputation of being insular and seldom being used in the real world. At HashiCorp, we've had a long tradition of basing our tools and products on academic research. We look at research for the initial design of products, and for ongoing development of new...

Armon Dadgar Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp
Panel: The Promises and Perils of Eschewing Distributed Coordination

The discussion will be about the promises and perils of eschewing coordination in distributed systems. The panelists will cover a diverse range of opinions and use-cases (control planes, streaming engines, SQL databases, service discovery systems etc).Moderator: Cindy Sridharan

Cindy Sridharan Distributed Systems Engineer & runs the Prometheus user group in SF
Colm MacCárthaigh Senior Principal Engineer @awscloud
Chenggang Wu CS PhD student at RISELab, UC Berkeley
Armon Dadgar Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp
Peter Mattis CockroachDB maintainer, Co-founder & CTO @CockroachDB
Sean T. Allen VP of Engineering @WallarooLabs
EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere

As the demand on Internet infrastructures grows, so do the requirements on its components, like load balancers, to process ever more data. EBtree is a different take on the ubiquitous tree data structure, and is helping HAProxy, a high performance Open-Source software load balancer, to keep up...

Andjelko Iharos Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies
Modern Distributed Optimization

We often want to find the best settings for our systems, whether it’s configuring the best JVM parameters, optimizing user workflows, or selecting the right configuration for a machine learning algorithm. Black-box optimization techniques that can find good (hopefully optimal!) parameters have...

Matt Adereth Managing Director @TwoSigma


Biplob Debnath Researcher @NEC Willard Dennis Senior Systems Administrator @NEC

Fast Log Analysis by Automatically Parsing Heterogeneous Log

Who is the main audience the talk is targeting?

The talk is mainly targeting people who design/architect log analytics solutions and are focused on making the troubleshooting operational problems faster by analyzing logs.  When a computer operates, it generates logs to communicate with humans -- logs act as tweets to inform system status. If something fails, somebody has to...

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Katie Cleary Software Engineer @PolySync

Git Gud with Property-Based Testing

What is the focus of your work?

Today, I am working on using property-based testing to create various different kinds of distributed git repository scenarios. The goal is to validate that our solution to the git metadata vulnerability is working as designed. So I am trying to create any kind of wacky system state to ensure that our solution still works.

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Mike Lee Williams Research engineer @Cloudera Fast Forward Labs

Probabilistic Programming from Scratch

What do you want someone to leave your talk with? 

The audience will leave with a strong non-mathematical intuition for how Bayesian inference allows us to quantify the strength of conclusions drawn from real-world data. They’ll hopefully be excited to solve other toy problems with the tool we put together during the talk, and keen to check out PyMC3.

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Kevin Cheung Software Architect @autodesk

AutoCAD & WebAssembly: Moving a 30 Year Code Base to the Web

Your talk is about porting AutoCAD on the desktop to a browser with WebAssembly. How do you plan to go about the talk?

I plan to start my talk with how we arrived at our current technology stack (which is Emscripten and  WebAssembly Binaryen) by talking about our journey from trying flash, JavaScript, asm.js, and, finally, getting to WebAssembly. After that, I would like to highlight some of the peculiarities of the large and constantly changing...

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Emma Haruka Iwao Senior Developer Advocate @GCPcloud

Introduction to gVisor: Sandboxed Linux Container Runtime

What’s the focus of the work you do today? You're an advocate, are you focused on talking about gVisor right now or what's your main focus?

I am focused on application development, specifically Ruby development, and working to deliver content for application developers to run their applications on cloud. I encourage application developers to use Google Cloud in addition to their current infrastructure by explaining why Google Cloud is efficient and secure on its own.

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Andjelko Iharos Director of Engineering at HAProxy Technologies

EBtree - Design for a Scheduler and Use (Almost) Everywhere

What is the focus of your work today?

Currently I work on making sure that HAProxy is and remains the fastest and most widely used software load balancer today. My team and I work on improving and extending HAProxy. We constantly try to find new ways to integrate it into existing and emerging platforms and environments. We know that HAProxy is often an indispensable piece...

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