Past Presentations

Conversational Agility: Presence, When You Can’t Plan for It

Eye contact, vocal variety, physical presence, asking effective questions- these are all incredibly useful communication skills when you have time to plan and practice, but what about when you need them at a moment’s notice? Using GK's signature kinesthetic training tools, in 50 minutes...

Michael Hoeppner President @genuineknowhow (GK Training & Communications)
Machine Learning: From Theory to Practice

Happiness means more than being happy while you are working independently. It also means being happy with your team, your boss, your company. Yet, too often, teams gloss over the importance of team communication, only to find it’s their achilles heel of morale. In fact, effective team...

Debbie Madden CEO & Founder @Stride
Effective Communication - Get Buy-in Faster by Asking Better Questions

Research reveals that one of the most valuable (but least known) skills you need to communicate well and influence is question agility: how to use the right question at the right moment. In this interactive talk, you'll deepen your communication skills so that you can more quickly resolve...

Roi Ben-Yehuda Facilitator @LifeLabsNewYork

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