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Speaker: Don Denoncourt

Lead Code Wisperer @Corgibytes

Don has been a developer for over three decades. He started as a developer coding RPG and Cobol on punch card machines. In the early 90s, Don moved on to C and C++. He adopted Java before it was real (1996.) In the early 2000's Don was wooed by dynamic languages like Groovy and PHP, and more recently, Ruby and Rails. For a three year stint, Don was a full­time technical editor. He has published several books and hundreds of articles. Don leaves a long trail of successful projects ranging from a Cobol debugger to K­12 online education, retail web sites, and even a social shopping app. Don is a learning addict. Besides continually honing his technical skills, he taught himself Italian and is currently working on fluency. When not writing code, Don can be found riding his unicycle, reading novels in Italian, or taking his German Shepherd and Sheepadoodle for walks.

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