Speaker: Deven Phillips

Senior Consulting Engineer @RedHat

Deven has spent more than 20 years delivering custom open-source solutions to reduce costs and improve reliability for his clients. A co-organizer of both the Louisville Area Java User's Group (JUGGL) and the KY Open Source Society (KYOSS), Deven has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the community for a long time. Deven's expertise lies in server-side and infrastructure software development and DevOps using Java, Erlang, Ceylon, Python, C, and various other programming languages. Deven is also a contributor to a number of both small and well-known open source projects like Apache Camel, Mockrunner, jOOQ, and more.

Find Deven Phillips at:


Hands on Event Driven Architecture with Quarkus, Kafka, and Kubernetes

Event Driven Architectures are distributed, asynchronous, and scalable.  The rise of real time decision making, the on-demand economy, explosion of data, and the adoption of microservices have all driven the adoption of event driven architectures.

Event Driven code is reactive by nature and significantly different from imperative programming.   In this workshop we build an event driven application using Red Hat’s Quarkus and AMQ Streams (Apache Kafka.)  We will cover the basic building blocks of event driven architecture and discuss strategies for successfully using EDA:

  • Domain Driven Design
  • REST, Kafka, or something else
  • Asynchronous testing
  • Deploying on Kubernetes

In this lab we will use leverage Domain Driven Design, use Quarkus to stream events to and from Kafka, build new functionality for the application, and deploy the application to Kubernetes.

At the end of this lab you will have an understanding of how to get started building your own supersonic, subatomic, event driven, streaming applications.


Level Intermediate


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