Attendee: Andrew Stakhov

Sr. Platform Architect @Pivotal

Andrew is a career software architect and technology evangelist specializing in .NET and Microsoft technologies. With over 15 years as a consultant, Andrew has helped deliver successful projects and enable teams to use best of breed technology, patterns, and best practices. With previous experiences consulting at the top four Canadian banks, a FinTech startup, government healthcare, and major telecommunication provider, he is able to bring years of experience across multiple industry sectors which he currently applies as a Sr. Platform Architect at Pivotal helping their customers transform how they build software for the cloud.

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Monday, 24 June

Tuesday, 25 June

Wednesday, 26 June

  • Architecting For Failure

    More than just building software, building deployable production ready software in the face of guaranteed failure.

  • 21st Century Languages

    Lessons learned from building languages like Rust, Go-lang, Swift, Kotlin, and more.

  • Building High-Performing Teams

    What “high-performing team” means and how to build one effectively depends on context. This track will share different experiences of building high-performing teams in order to highlight how different contexts lead to different solutions but also what typically stays the same because we’re still dealing with humans trying to work together. How do different forces affect the building of high-performing teams.

  • Software Defined Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Service Meshes, & Beyond

    Deploying, scaling, managing your services is undifferentiated heavy lifting. Hear stories, learn techniques, and dive deep into software infrastructure.

  • High-Performance Computing: Lessons from FinTech & AdTech

    Killing latency and getting the most out of your hardware.