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QCon NY 2019 Unofficial Events

Women & Allies in Tech Breakfast Co-Sponsored by Netflix - Tuesday

The Women & Allies in Tech Breakfast is designed to provide an experience for women and allies attending QCon New York to connect and meet each other before the second day of the conference. It supports networking and builds connections. The event is open to attendees and sponsors of the conference. There is limited seating, registration is required. QCon attendees can register through the My Account page, after they log in on their QCon profile on the website.

  • 7:00am - 8:45am 
  • Manhattan Ballroom, 8th fl. 

The Women and Allies in Tech Breakfast is made possible by the generous support by the co-sponsorship of Netflix.


Community Nights - Monday

QCon New York (June 24-26, 2019) is the software conference where leading shops like Netflix, Google and Facebook open their doors and give us a glimpse into their greatest engineering feats (and in some cases, their biggest failures). QCon is the place where senior software engineers, tech leads, and architects come together to learn, share, and push each other to drive innovation.

Monday evening is the first night of the QCon NYC 2019 and is all about opening the doors to QCon and inviting the local community in. One local meetup organizer described holding meetups in NYC this way: "One of the biggest problems for meetups in New York is finding a place big enough to host us. Getting people to come isn't the issue, it's finding a place big enough for everyone." So by providing space right in the heart of Times Square and top notch AV used at QCon itself, we want to remove some of the friction and encourage the mixing of ideas and networking of QCon attendees and the local development scene. That's what QCon's Community Night is about.  

We’re inviting local meetups to the conference to hold their monthly events at QCon NY on Monday, June 24th: So far, the JavaSIG Meetup and the CTO School Meetup are confirmed.

You can find more details and register to the events using the links below. Registration is free and required to join the meetups.

The 8th annual QCon New York features 15 tracks covering all aspects of software development and Architecture/Developer focus with 75 technical talks on topics like security, chaos engineering, ethics in computing, blockchains, containers and serverless from architects/engineers at Uber, Facebook and Google.

Check all of the 100+ speakers, ~100 sessions, and 18 workshops. If you want to join the full 3-day conference you can register using one of the following promo codes to get $100 off your QCon conference ticket: JavaSigQNY19, CTOSchoolQNY19 on https://qconnewyork.com/registration.


JUNE 2019 NYJavaSIG Monthly Meeting

6:45 pm - Location: New York Marriott Marquis Time Square - Registration on the 6th floor

The NYJavaSIG is based in New York City and attracts Java developers from the tri-state region. Through its regular monthly general meetings, bi-monthly specialty workgroup meetings and its website, the NYJavaSIG brings together members of New York's Java community so they can share their tips, techniques, knowledge, and experience.

Presentation:  JAVA PERFORMANCE PANEL – Machines, JVMs and The Cloud  

The performance of our Java applications depends on the entire stack from the machine to the JVM and deployment up to the cloud.  
As serious Java developers, we have to consider memory access, cache hits/misses, network protocols, garbage collection, JIT, class vs primitives, threading, native code, deployment scalability, failover speed, microservice coordination, etc, etc, etc.    
We have invited three world-class Java performance rockstars to dive into Java performance. We are going to discuss how to build and tune our applications so they are screaming fast, highly scalable and of course, manageable by high-performance agile teams.    
Bring all your hard question on Java performance to this session.        

Todd Montgomery  
Todd Montgomery is a networking hacker who has researched, designed, and built numerous protocols, messaging-oriented middleware systems, and real-time data systems, done research for NASA, contributed to the IETF and IEEE, and co-founded two startups. He currently works as an independent consultant on high performance systems and is active in several open source projects, including Agrona, Aeron, ReactiveSocket, and the FIX Simple Binary Encoding (SBE).    

Kirk Pepperdine  
Kirk has been working in high performance and distributed computing for nearly 20 years. His focus has primarily been on performance, working on architecting, developing, and tuning applications running on Cray and other high-performance computing platforms. Kirk now specializes in Java, where he works in all aspects of performance and tuning in each phase of a project life cycle. Author, speaker, consultant, Kirk was recognized as a 2006 Java Champion recipient for his contributions to the Java community.    

Bert Ertman
Fellow, and VP of Technology at Luminis.  A frequent speaker on Java, Cloud, and software architecture all over the world. Book author, and serial conference organizer. Bert Ertman was awarded the coveted title of Java Champion in 2008, and is a JavaOne RockStar speaker and a two-fold Duke’s Choice Award winner.

Learn More: http://www.JavaSIG.com

Register here for the NYJavaSIG Meeting


CTO School Meetup - QCon Session

6:45 pm - Location: New York Marriott Marquis Time Square - Registration on the 6th floor

A group of NYC Startup CTOs, VP of Engineering, Tech Leads, and technologists who would like to become better leaders. Membership is by approval, and ONLY technical people are allowed to join. The membership is open to senior technical leaders, or people on the cusp of getting there (e.g. lead developers). The goal is to have an ongoing forum for technical leaders (esp. in startups) to discuss their issues, whether the issues related to management, process or technology. Founded in 2009, Some of the past speakers include Kellan, CTO of Etsy, Nick Ganju, CTO of ZocDoc, Mike Bryzek, CTO of Gilt, Michael Nygard, Camille Fournier, CTO of Rent The Runway, Jim Benson, author of Personal Kanban, and many others.

PresentationScaling yourself through hypergrowth - Speaker: Patrick Kua
Hyper-growth companies and startups grow much faster than the people have time to acquire the skills, experience and mastery required to put them in place. Where do you put your attention when there are multiple plates spinning, and what can you do to scale yourself as a leader. Come to this talk to find out some lessons learned from the former CTO and now Chief Scientist behind N26, the mobile bank the world loves to use.

Learn More: https://www.meetup.com/ctoschool

Register here for the CTO School Community Night

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