Past Speakers

There are no CFPs at QCon. Each speaker is individually invited. While the final schedule takes longer, we think it's worth the wait. These are just some of the speakers who've recently been apart of QCon.

Principal Platform Architect
Graal Compiler Architect @Oracle
Software Engineer @Netflix
Front End Architect @oqtonai
Blade Runner & Director of Field Engineering (NA / EU) @kasada_io
Director Of Engineering at Intent
High Performance Consultant and Previously NASA Researcher
Software Engineer @Samsara
Distributed Systems Engineer & runs the Prometheus user group in...
Fellow Engineer, Developer Platform @WeWork
VP Engineering Metrics and Alerting @datadoghq
Director of Product Management / Consumer Experience at Better...
Java Language Architect @Oracle
Agile Coach at Kapture Technologies
Senior Principal Engineer @awscloud
Senior Research Scientist @Google
Director of Engineering, Distribution Metrics
Coach & Facilitator at Vigemus
InfoQ Editor Functional Programming, QCon PC, Wolfram
Independent Tech Consultant
Director of Technology @Luminis_eu
Principal Engineer @SendGrid
Core Rust & Rust Wasm WG Team Member
CTO @Fastly
Co-Founder and CTO of HashiCorp
CEO at Verica
Senior Cloud Advocate @Microsoft
Senior Security Advocate @Microsoft
Product Evangelist @Amplitude
Deputy CTO @Azul


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