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Track: Native Compilation Is Back (A Look at Non-Vm Compilation Targets)

Day of week: Wednesday

Over the past two decades, virtual machines, dynamic interpreters, and transpiling have enabled us to develop apps on any platform with nearly any language. But there are limits. Associated runtimes take up memory and time. They can not be used everywhere, facing restrictions on embedded devices and iOS. Or maybe you have this one key area of code where you've optimized the heck out of the VM, but still need an extra bit of oomph!

One "old" option; compiling to machine code! This once meant begrudgingly dealing with memory, concurrency, and integration with the rest of your infrastructure. But now there are a wealth of choices to get your code running as close to the metal as possible without sacrificing modern advances. Languages like Rust, natively compiled versions of languages such as Kotlin, and even in browser thanks to WebAssembly (psst, WebAssembly can help on the backend too).

On this track, we are bringing together practitioners and thought leaders that will discuss where they have applied these techniques in the front and back-end, and also discuss when you should turn to them... and when you shouldn't!

Track Host: Rudy Jahchan

Principal Software Developer & Engineering Manager @carbonfive