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Track: Operating Microservices

Day of week: Tuesday

The microservices architecture pattern has become an established cloud native model now however we are still evolving all our practices around this pattern. We have a  greater understanding of the impact of the migration away from our monolithic applications. 

As our experience and knowledge matures we find ourselves needing to focus on more and more aspects to deliver high quality distributed systems:

  • Monolithic migration patterns
  • Running and operating these large scale distributed systems
  • Quality assurance and deployment
  • Tooling particularly focussed at distributed systems
  • Resilience and fault tolerance
  • Architectural design patterns

This track will bring together industry experts who have real world experience developing and running microservices to share their vast experience and journeys.

Track Host: Nicky Wrightson

Principal Engineer @Skyscanner

Nicky has extensive experience delivering large scale cloud native architectures previously at the Financial Times and now at Skyscanner. She passionately promotes operability as a first class concern in developing these large distributed systems. She works now on the data platform at Skyscanner where the huge scale means a whole different set of problems to solve while still striving to be operable, cost effective and maintainable.