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Track: Sponsored Solutions Track I

Location: Times Square, 7th flr.

Day of week: Monday

Industry practitioners and technical product managers from leading vendors demonstrate solutions to some of today's toughest software development challenges in the areas of performance monitoring, Big Data, software delivery, scalability, and more.

Track Host: Nitin Bharti

Managing Editor and Product Manager, QCon and InfoQ

Over the last decade, Nitin has helped build several notable online developer communities including TheServerSide.com, DZone, and The Code Project. He is known for his extensive editorial work in the Enterprise Java, .NET, SOA, and Agile communities. As Managing Editor and Product Manager at C4Media - the producer of InfoQ.com and QCon events - Nitin continues to pursue his primary passion: helping spread knowledge and innovation throughout the enterprise software development community.

1:40pm - 2:30pm

The Rise of Multi-Model Databases

Nowadays, you must handle many types, structures, and data formats in your organizations – JSON, graph, spatial, series, relational, etc. – supporting a variety of use cases and workloads. Multi-model databases seem to be the next natural step in the evolution of databases.

First used in 2012 by Luca Garulli, the term "multi-model" describes an approach designed to support multiple data models against a single, integrated backend and was considered as a response to the Martin Fowler's "polyglot persistence" approach.

In this talk, we will look at the database landscape evolution including two multi-model databases examples: one built from ground up, and an extended RDBMS.

Abdel Dadouche, Developer Relations @SAP


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