Track: High-Performance Computing: Lessons from FinTech & AdTech

Location: Soho Complex, 7th fl.

Day of week: Wednesday

High-performance computing is all about maximizing throughput, killing latency, and getting the most out of your hardware. This session focuses on FinTech and AdTech use cases such as security and advertisement exchanges, low-latency tactics and related ethics/privacy.


Track Host: Todd Montgomery

High Performance Consultant and previously NASA researcher

Todd Montgomery is a networking hacker who has researched, designed, and built numerous protocols, messaging-oriented middleware systems, and real-time data systems, done research for NASA, contributed to the IETF and IEEE, and co-founded two startups. He currently works as an independent consultant on high performance systems and is active in several open source projects, including Agrona, Aeron, ReactiveSocket, and the FIX Simple Binary Encoding (SBE).

10:35am - 11:25am

Everyday Efficiencies

If we are lucky, we think of performance as an afterthought. Same with other “non-functional” requirements such as security, quality, scaling, etc. However, experience shows that it is easier, at least to a small degree, to think of these “anything but non-functional" requirements up front. This often leads to better designs, better systems, and simply cleaner solutions. This session will explore the everyday things that those with an eye to performance and efficiency do that can be leveraged by anyone to build better software faster.

Todd Montgomery, High Performance Consultant and previously NASA researcher

11:50am - 12:40pm

Achieving Low-latency in the Cloud with OSS

Today’s fintech applications require resiliency, fault-tolerance, and extreme performance. In an area traditionally dominated by proprietary software and bare-metal computing, open-source technologies and cloud computing present exciting possibilities for the future.

Deploying to the cloud offers many benefits such as multi-region redundancy and elastic capacity, but comes with less control of the underlying resources. Can advances in cloud networking technology, coupled with cutting-edge OSS, provide the kind of latencies demanded by modern applications? What are the factors that need to be considered when trying to squeeze every last drop of performance from these deployments?

In this talk, we will explore the improvements in cloud networking technology, look at performance testing and measurement in cloud environments, and outline techniques for low-latency messaging from an application and operating-system perspective. Finally, we will compare the performance of the latest cloud tech with a bare-metal installation.

Mark Price, Performance Engineering Specialist at Aitu Software


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