Track: Building High-Performing Teams

Location: Empire Complex, 7th fl.

Day of week: Wednesday

Building, maintaining, and growing high-performing teams in different contexts such as high vs stable growth, remote vs local, different industries or products, etc.  What aspects are distinct and what remains common will be explored.

Track Host: Jason Yip

Agile Coach @Spotify, previously Principal Consultant @ThoughtWorks

First encountered Extreme Programming in 1999 on comp.object, and (the original Wiki). Started work at ThoughtWorks in Chicago from February 2001 just after the dot com bubble burst. Was a committer on CruiseControl, the first Open Source Continuous Integration server.  Moved and worked mostly at ThoughtWorks Australia since 2002. Joined Spotify NYC in February 2015 where he is a Senior Agile Coach.

10:35am - 11:25am

Building High-Performing Teams in a Mature Organisation Unde

Presentation details to follow.

Francisco Trindade, Engineering Director @Meetup
Zoe Gagnon, Engineering Manager @Meetup

11:50am - 12:40pm

Cultivating High-Performing Teams in Hypergrowth

N26 is on a mission to build the bank the world loves to use. Not only is its customers rapidly growing (from 450K to 2.3M in under 18 months) but the product and tech team has almost quadrupled in that time to more than 250 people. In this talk, Patrick will share lessons learned sowing the seeds and fertilising an environment to cultivate high performing teams in a hypergrowth environment. We will look at balancing structures to maximise autonomy and alignment, explicit trade-offs in centralised versus decentralised thinking and how we’ve managed to rapidly expand a team and still ship product at a rapid pace.

Patrick Kua, Chief Scientist @n26

1:40pm - 2:30pm

High-Performing Teams Presentation

Presentation details to follow.

Shawn Carney, Director of IT @Etsy
Zofia Ciechowska, Director Strategy & Operations @Etsy

2:55pm - 3:45pm

High-Performing Teams Presentation

Presentation details to follow.

Gert Brits, Agile Coach @Spotify

4:10pm - 5:00pm

High Performance Remote and Distributed Teams

Past a certain size, many software organizations grow by looking beyond their headquarters to distributed sites and / or remote employees. Some organizations -- and almost every open source project -- have always been completely remote. What are the secrets of the organizations that use multiple localities and time zones to their advantage? We will use examples from eBay, Google, Stitch Fix, and WeWork.  

We will start with the organization itself - how to form teams, give them scope, and manage their growth. Next, we will discuss communication strategies for getting the best out of far-flung teams, as well as how to foster and maintain the human bonds and empathy critical to good work. Lastly, we will explore the human side itself. By looking beyond a single physical site, we can find better, more diverse, and more motivated employees. Talent, after all, is evenly distributed; opportunity is not.  

You will take away actionable insights to help create -- or improve -- your remote teams.

Randy Shoup, VP Engineering @WeWork


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