Speaker: Wil Wade

Senior Technical Lead @carbonfive

Wil Wade is a senior developer and lead at Carbon Five - a strategic digital products agency. While at Carbon Five, he has worked on projects covering a multitude of industries including finance, insurance, logistics, and education at company sizes covering small team startups up to Fortune 500. His background includes mathematics and research at the US Department of Agriculture.

Wil currently lives in Chattanooga, Tennessee with his wife and three kids. You can often find him giving talks and learning from other professionals at local developer groups or playing board games.

Find Wil Wade at:


Thinking Methods - Systems Thinking at Work and Play

Complexity creates fun in the games we play and bugs in the code we squash. Thinking in systems focuses on understanding the context of this complexity through the patterns and structures around us; a perfect complement to Agile's small iterable steps.  

Software features and bugs do not exist in a vacuum. Thinking in systems enables us to ask better questions and spot weaknesses. We will take an introductory look at identifying and understanding systems in our companies, projects, and software. The goal is to expand our view of the entire structure and relationships to better understand behaviors and limits.


Soho Complex, 7th fl.


Non-Technical Skills for Technical Folks


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