Speaker: Stuart Charlton

Platform Architecture at Pivotal Software

Stuart Charlton is a Principal Platform Architect at Pivotal Software, focusing on Kubernetes, networking, and cloud native architecture.  He was previously the General Manager of IT Infrastructure & Operations at Canadian Pacific Railway, the CTO of an early cloud computing startup, and a technology consultant for over 20 years, and is based in Calgary, Canada.

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Workshop : Kubernetes: an Under The Hood Tour (Morning Group)

Workshop : Microservices Full-Day Build

Workshop : Kubernetes: an Under The Hood Tour (Afternoon Group)

Talk : Domain Driven Design AMA w/ Vernon, Charlton & Alagarsamy

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Co-Founder of the Kubernetes Open Source Project & Distinguished Engineer @Microsoft
Senior Staff Engineer in Alibaba Container Platform Group
DDD Expert, Author of "Implementing Domain-Driven Design" & Architect @kalele_io
Chief Product Officer @LookerData, previously VP of Engineering @Reddit


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