Speaker: Dana Lewis

Principal Investigator & Researcher

After building her own DIY “artificial pancreas,” Dana Lewis helped found the open source artificial pancreas movement (known as “OpenAPS”), making safe and effective artificial pancreas technology available (sooner) for people with diabetes around the world. Dana has designed, coded, and tested features for the open source automated insulin delivery algorithm now used by over a thousand people worldwide, in addition to contributing thousands of lines of documentation to the open source diabetes community. She also manages the OpenAPS and Nightscout Data Commons to facilitate increased research and access to rich, anonymized, patient-generated diabetes data, and also built and maintains a set of open source analysis tools to support other researchers. Dana also serves as Principal Investigator for a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation funded grant project called “Opening Pathways” (OpeningPathways.org) to learn more about patient-led innovation and scientific discovery, and scale it in additional patient communities.

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Proposed Tracks

  • Trouble-Shooting in Production

  • Disrupting Technology on Wall Street

  • Resilience vs Failure in Architecture

  • The Weeds of Distributed File Systems

  • Organizational Agility

  • Product & Customer Focused Teams

  • Just Culture (Blameless Culture)

  • Modern CS in the Real World

  • Architectures You’ve Always Wondered About

  • Machine Learning and AI in the New Decade

  • Evolving Java - Including K8s/Containers, Kotlin and Impact on AOT

  • Ethical Considerations in Software

  • Microservices and Scalability

  • Container Slinging

  • Native Compilation Is Back (A Look at Non-Vm Compilation Targets)