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Presentation: Rust's Journey to Async/await

Track: 21st Century Languages

Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl.

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Wednesday

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Rust, like most languages, is fundamentally synchronous. Over the past four years, the team has been working towards a world-class way to handle asynchronous processing. We're now in the final stretch of that work, and in the next few months, Rust will finally gain async/await. In this talk, Steve will give an overview of this history, diving into the technical details of how the design has changed, and speak to the difficulties of adding a major new feature to a programming language.

Speaker: Steve Klabnik

Rust Core Team


Steve is on the core team of Rust, leads the documentation team, and is an author of "The Rust Programming Language." Klabnik is a frequent speaker at conferences and is a prolific open source contributor, previously working on projects such as Ruby and Ruby on Rails.

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