Presentation: Grey Matter: The Intelligent Service Mesh

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track I

Location: Liberty, 8fl.

Duration: 1:40pm - 2:30pm

Day of week: Monday

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This talk will be a technical overview of Grey Matter 1.0 and beyond. It will cover architecture and underlying technologies, as well as features and rationale, for Decipher's service mesh.

The Grey Matter service mesh platform is designed to simplify the complexities of enterprise microservice architecture adoption, freeing developers and managers to focus on business optimization. Grey Matter 1.0 introduces business intelligence atop an enterprise service mesh to provide an intuitive overview of each deployment, by which decision-makers can gain valuable insight into the operations most critical to their business.

Grey Matter proxies capture and leverage the massive volumes of performance metrics generated by the service mesh for fleet-wide policy management and enforcement. For Grey Matter, this data also enables service level management unlike any other service mesh on the market today. Dynamically configurable overlays provide warning of pending and current policy violations allowing fast corrective action. Decision-makers can rank the relevance of their most critical services for aggregated business impact tracking. Grey Matter 1.0 also enables network overwatch via memory, CPU, availability, error rate, latency, and utilization metrics tracked at both service- and route- levels.

Grey Matter is one of the most complete packaged service mesh platforms with support for full ingress and egress discovery and flow monitoring, an edge gateway providing secure and managed external access, and individual service reliability features such as health checks, circuit breaking, connection draining, and canary testing, for maximum network survivability. The platform supports intelligent load-balancing and routing, HTTP/2 and gRPC support, and central configuration.

In line with Decipher's commitment to defense-in-depth, network data is encrypted between services, with access control through multiple end-user authorization patterns. Audit logs capture every action on the network for maximum historical oversight. For large file content, Grey Matter has a built-in data API overlay with streaming encryption at-rest and in-transit, support for multiple consistency models, and fine-grained access control.

Speaker: Daniel Cox

Director of Applied Sciences at Decipher Technology Studios

Daniel is a CS theory evangelist, Deep Learning practitioner, Journal Club instigator, Cornell University alum, Game Master, and Applied Sciences Director at Decipher.

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