Presentation: Front End Architecture in a World of AI Clients'

Track: Developing/Optimizing Clients for Developers

Location: Majestic Complex, 6th fl.

Duration: 11:50am - 12:40pm

Day of week: Monday

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Increasingly humans are no longer the only clients interfacing with your data, machine and AI clients are starting to manipulate data in real time and can create suggestions or influence human behaviour. This talk deals with the complexities of dealing with many different clients that are not all human and how to build a single interface that both humans and AI clients can leverage.

Using state container methodologies like redux we can treat a chain of machine/AI data manipulations the same way as a real person interfacing with your app. You can look at it as a headless version of your front end that cuts development time and allows for a testable, predictable, flexible and scalable architecture.

We're going to be dealing with topics like state synchronisation methodology, time traveling, comparing OT (Operational Transforms) vs CRDT (Conflict-free Replicated Data Types), vector clocks and merkle chains in javascript.

Speaker: Thijs Bernolet

Front End Architect @oqtonai

At the age of 7, Thijs wanted to become an inventor. It didn’t matter what, he just wanted to invent things. Several broken washing machines, a fried television and 8 blown amplifiers later he saw a magical light shining from a machine they called a ‘Macintosh’. He’s been hooked ever since. Thijs is always looking for new ways to interact with machines and everything involving technology. After learning every programming language within his reach, he choose an experimental education at the Royal Academy where he got a strong focus on concept and creativity. He later co-founded a company called We Work We Play where he further experimented with 3D in the browser, mobile and interactive installations. He also cofounded Nerdlab in Belgium, a non-profit organization that wants to show kids how to hack cool things together with hardware and software. They recently send an iphone to space and build a Ghostbusters replica backpack with GPS that gets carried around Europe. After joining and getting aquired by Autodesk, he moved to the Bay Area to continue work on the real time browser breadboard simulartor and later on led the development effort of the new Autodesk design system (HIG). He then moved on to join Oqton, a new startup that aims to revolutionize manufacturing by creating an operating system for the factory that is driven by AI.

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