Presentation: Code Business Processes With DSL Kotlin in a Spring Boot Application

Track: Sponsored Solutions Track I

Location: Liberty, 8fl.

Duration: 10:35am - 11:25am

Day of week: Monday

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In this talk you will see...code.
In particular, a Kotlin DSL to develop business processes.
These processes can then be executed using a BPM execution engine integrated in a Spring Boot application.

You will see how to integrate this engine inside an application and how this DSL can express the business logic and connect to existing IS.

Then, we will demonstrate what a BPM execution engine can bring to an application in terms of monitoring, error handling and change management of the business logic.

This will be followed by some use cases where this kind of integration brings the most value and reduces time to market.

Speaker: Baptiste Mesta

R&D Engineer @bonitasoft

Baptiste Mesta holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Télécom Nancy.
He has worked in software development for 9 years, joining Bonitasoft at the very beginning of the company. He has worked primarily on the backend execution engine of the Bonita process-based application platform, which he helped build from scratch. He has also worked on developer tooling and user interfaces while building tools to help the team. Most recently he has taken an interest in Artificial Intelligence, to compute predictions on business process execution.

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