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Keynote: Learning From Machines

Location: Broadway Ballroom, 6th fl.

Duration: 9:00am - 10:10am

Day of week: Monday

This keynote is now available to view on InfoQ.com

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Why can't you tickle yourself? How do you know where you are? Why do DeepDream images look so trippy? Why does trauma come in waves, washing over us again and again? Computational neuroscience provides insight into these questions and more. In visually lush presentation, I'll take us on a journey through biological and artificial minds, exploring how models of cognition informed by machine learning and computation can help us illuminate and reconfigure our own processes of being.

Speaker: Ashi Krishnan

Building the Next Generation of Developer Tools @Github

Ashi is a visual poet who has been telling stories with code and words since she was a child—perhaps before. She has worked at seven-person startups, fought fires in the trenches of SRE at Google, and spent the last three years teaching at coding bootcamps. She now works as a senior software engineer at GitHub, where she hopes to dissolve the walls between us and our tools. She is learning to regard every moment, and the creatures within them, with love.

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