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Workshop: Reactive Microservices and DevOps Pipelines with Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes

Location: Marquis A&B, 9th fl.

Duration: 9:00am - 4:00pm

Day of week: Monday

Level: Intermediate


If you are a developer who keeps up with the current trends in the industry, then Reactive Microservices is probably one of those buzz phrases you hear a lot and perhaps even don't understand very well. In this session, we will take a look at a group of interconnected microservices written using Eclipse Vert.x and deployed on OpenShift/Kubernetes for scalability. We will go through a deep dive of using standard APIs OR Vert.x's Event Bus/Service Proxy capabilities to have microservices communicate with one another in a reliable and fault-tolerant manner. We will discuss circuit breakers, service mesh, scalability, reactive and non-blocking, and clustering through the lens of Eclipse Vert.x.

Key takeaways:

  • Become familiar with basic practices around reactive programming
  • Become familiar with Eclipse Vert.x and it's non-blocking/event-driven APIs
  • Learn to deploy Vert.x microservices on Kubernetes/OpenShift and scale them
  • Learn about the Vert.x EventBus and how it can be integrated with the User Interface
  • Have fun!

Speaker: Deven Phillips

Senior Consulting Engineer @RedHat

Deven has spent more than 20 years delivering custom open-source solutions to reduce costs and improve reliability for his clients. A co-organizer of both the Louisville Area Java User's Group (JUGGL) and the KY Open Source Society (KYOSS), Deven has been sharing his knowledge and experience with the community for a long time. Deven's expertise lies in server-side and infrastructure software development and DevOps using Java, Erlang, Ceylon, Python, C, and various other programming languages. Deven is also a contributor to a number of both small and well-known open source projects like Apache Camel, Mockrunner, jOOQ, and more.

Find Deven Phillips at

Speaker: Jeremy Davis

Chief Architect for App Dev Technologies @RedHat

Jeremy Davis is a Chief Architect for App Dev Technologies at Red Hat.  He currently co-leads Red Hat’s Application Development Community of Practice, and used to lead Red Hat's Microservices Community of Practice and the Business Rules and Workflow SME group.  Recently he has spent a lot of time with Reactive applications and programming.  

Before joining Red Hat he wrote a lot of code in C, C#, Groovy, JavaScript, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic, and of course Java (mostly in Java.). He spends a lot of time on airplanes and recently acquired a Marshall amp after years of relying on Fenders.

Find Jeremy Davis at

Speaker: Ram Maddali

Senior Solutions Architect @RedHat

Ram Maddali(@RamMaddali) is a Senior Solutions Architect for AppDev. An open source enthusiastic with over 14+ years of building robust/scalable
enterprise applications and have been involved in application modernization with many customers. 
Ram began his career with IBM and joined Red Hat 4 years ago. Since joining Red Hat, Ram has helped customers in - 
transportation, retail, logistics and financial services implement solutions using open source technologies successfully.

Find Ram Maddali at