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Presentation: Serving Millions of Customers Serverless at CapitalOne

Track: Finding the Serverless Sweetspot

Location: Broadway Ballroom South, 6th fl.

Duration: 4:10pm - 5:00pm

Day of week: Friday

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect

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Serverless technologies are playing an increasingly significant role in modernization efforts at Capital One. In this talk we will share how Capital One migrated customer accounts and transactions to a completely serverless architecture and built a scalable, resilient, and fast Transactions and Accounts platform by leveraging DynamoDB, step-functions, Lambda, and other services within the serverless ecosystem. At Capital One, we also had the opportunity to completely redesign the engine that generates customers' banking statements as part of the bank's modernization journey. In this portion of the talk, we'll share our goals and lessons learned as we built an entirely new solution, which handles everything from the loading of data into Amazon RDS to customer-driven synchronous API calls, using serverless technologies like AWS Lambda and Step Functions. The talk will also cover some of the challenges we faced, lessons learned and some best practices.

Speaker: Srini Uppalapati

Vice President, Consumer Bank Engineering @CapitalOne

Srini Uppalapati is a Vice President in the Retail & Direct Technology organization at Capital One. He is responsible for leading large, high-performing teams that deliver software across major functional areas of Core Financial Products, Payments and Transactions, Online Account Opening and Fraud. He has led many efforts that have transformed the bank customer experience, including Online Account Opening, Transaction Hub, P2P, and BillPay, among others. He's responsible for all aspects of Engineering including Technology Strategy, Infrastructure Design in the Cloud, Talent Acquisition, Development, and Growth.  Srini has a Master’s in Computer Science from Temple University Philadelphia, and has worked in greater Philadelphia area in the last decade building enterprise systems in healthcare and financial domains.

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Speaker: Kiran Satelli

Senior Manager @CapitalOne

Kiran Satelli is a Senior Manager at CapitalOne. In his current role he works closely with teams to architect and solve business critical problems, his primary area of focus has been to design and build data hubs in cloud that paves way for product innovation. Along with Amazon Cloud Migration projects, Kiran has led several major digital initiatives at CapitalOne which includes projects like TransactionHub, AccountsHub, architecting solutions in mobile and online banking experience.

Kiran holds MS in Computer Science from India and is well recognized as a change agent, break the technology barriers, and get it done leader.

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