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Presentation: Challenges & Solutions for a Blockchain-Powered Future

Track: Blockchain Enabled

Location: Broadway Ballroom South, 6th fl.

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week: Thursday

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The transformation from a traditional economy to an economy that has begun to incorporate blockchain and other radically transformative emerging technologies like blockchain and A.I. is beginning to completely disrupt and redefine how businesses function and how we build and nurture new growth from the ground up for a more secure and decentralized future.

But paradigm shifts don’t happen overnight and certainly not without challenges on both the technological and creative front. Since launching in 2017, Shopin has gleaned invaluable insights into how to apply blockchain and other new technologies to a business model that is breaking new ground but must also co-exist with more traditional economic structures in order to thrive.  

In this session with Eran Eyal, CEO and Founder of Shopin, the world’s first decentralized shopper profile built on the blockchain to securely unite retailers and their customers through personalized data intelligence, you will learn: 

  • How the advent of blockchain technology promises a new era of more equitably distributed market power.
  • The top 3 challenges startups and traditional businesses face when adopting blockchain as their founding infrastructure.
  • How decentralized systems can now deliver services that are as powerful as those from big companies while preserving the privacy and control of each participant.
  • How by leveraging blockchain technology and A.I., today’s businesses can offer their customers/consumers more accurate product recommendations and services, easier and more secure transactions, and an overall more valuable and seamless commerce experience.
  • The challenges of building a visual A.I. for a distributed web.

Speaker: Eran Eyal

CEO @shopinapp, Winner of the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation, & Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup

Eran is an investor, advisor, and serial entrepreneur with three exits as a founder. With more than a decade of experience in retail and ecommerce, Eran has been publicly recognized for his achievements, winning Techstars and AlleyNYC PitchNites; the United Nations World Summit Award for Innovation; and Fast Company’s Most Innovative Startup, among others.

Eran is passionate about startups that solve a significant problem, especially in crowdsourcing and retail marketplaces. After spending so much time in the retail world, he was astounded to learn that there is no clear view of the shopper to drive an authentic understanding of who they are when they log into a site or walk into a store. He was further concerned with the fact that this critical missing component forced retailers to scrounge for unreliable, third-party data in an attempt to deliver the best online shopping experience to their customers -- all while shoppers lack both control and visibility into who has access to their shopping data and how it’s being used.

As Shopin’s CEO and CoFounder, Eran is turning retailers’ websites into a distributed Amazon via a universal shopper profile, blockchain technology, and cryptocurrency, delivering the most personalized online shopping experience possible.


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