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Presentation: Large Scale Architectures Panel

Track: Architectures You've Always Wondered About

Location: Broadway Ballroom North, 6th fl.

Duration: 5:25pm - 6:15pm

Day of week:

Level: Intermediate

Persona: Architect


Join Karen Casella of Netflix as she explores architectural issues with a panel of experts from some of the world's largest architectures.

Speaker: Karen Casella

Engineering Leader @Netflix, previously leading architecture teams @eBay & @Sun

Karen is currently an engineering leader @ Netflix, where she is responsible for the teams that build the server-side infrastructure to enable a secure viewing experience for our members. Karen had previously led engineering and architecture teams @EBay & @Sun, before taking a ten year detour to start-up land. Karen is passionate about diversity and inclusion in technology organizations and how to encourage young people from under-represented groups to start their journey towards our incredible world of ever-changing technology.

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Speaker: Matt Klein

Creator of Envoy & Software Engineer @Lyft

Matt Klein is a software engineer at Lyft and the creator of Envoy ( Matt has been working on operating systems, virtualization, distributed systems, networking, and making systems easy to operate for more than 15 years across a variety of companies. Some highlights include leading the development of Twitter’s L7 edge proxy and working on high-performance computing and networking in Amazon’s EC2.

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Speaker: Bruce Lowekamp

Principal Architect for Skype's Cloud Infrastructure Portfolio @Microsoft

Bruce manages teams responsible for People Infrastructure, Transport, and Experimentation supporting Skype and Teams.  He enjoys the challenge of building highly available, low-latency global systems using commodity cloud services and has even more fun understanding failures.  Prior to Skype, he was cofounder of communications startup SIPeerior Technologies and did research in network performance measurement and adaptive applications.  Bruce is co-author of several IETF RFCs in the area of P2PSIP and NAT traversal.  When not on calls with or flying to various office locations, he gets on a bicycle to clear his thoughts. 


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Speaker: Haozhe Gao

Software Engineer @Facebook

Edison is a Software Engineer at Facebook on the Canopy team, Facebook's distributed tracing framework. Prior to joining Facebook, he interned at Palantir. Edison graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with a BS in Mathematics and a BS in Computer Science.

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Speaker: Joe O’Neill

Software Engineer @Facebook

Joe is a Software Engineer at Facebook on the Canopy team, Facebook's distributed tracing framework. Prior to joining Facebook, he interned at Microsoft. Joe graduated from Northeastern University with a BS in Computer Science and Business Administration.

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Speaker: Susheel Aroskar

Software Engineer @Netflix

Susheel works as a software engineer on the Cloud Gateway team at Netflix, which develops and operates Zuul - an API gateway that fronts all of the Netflix cloud traffic and handles more than 100 billion requests a day. Prior to Zuul, Susheel worked on Netflix CDN's control plane in the cloud, which is responsible for steering more than a third of all North American peak evening internet traffic. He started at Netflix just as Netflix was taking its first steps towards migrating from datacenter to cloud and he still has scars from those early days to prove it.

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Speaker: Katerina Domenikou

Senior Software Engineer @Bloomberg


Born and raised in Ithaca, Greece, Katerina’s childhood dream was to discover Odysseus’s Palace, however, she decided to pursue her personal Odyssey in technology. She studied Computer Engineering & Informatics (MEng.Hons) at University of Patras, Greece, graduating as the top student; then she moved to London to pursue an MSc (Dist) in Management at Cass Business School. Katerina joined Bloomberg in 2010 as a software developer and has worked for six years on developing a high-capacity trading platform. In 2017, she joined the News Infrastructure Engineering Team. As a passionate advocate of Diversity and Inclusion, Katerina has been leading Bloomberg’s Women in Tech Community (BWIT) in London since 2013 and Bloomberg's recruitment efforts for Italian Universities since 2016. Katerina has delivered and organized various tech talks and workshops, as well as mentored other tech speakers. Her passion is to make people excited about tech, and she has participated in several panel discussions regarding technology and diversity and inclusion.

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