Workshop: Core Angular 2 - with ES6 & TypeScript (SOLD OUT)


9:00am - 5:00pm


Thu, 16 Jun

Key takeaways

Angular 2 Architecture
Intro to ES6
Intro to TypeScript
Difference between Angular 1 & 2
Best Practices


JavaScript knowledge, Chrome browser. Participants should bring their laptop to participate in the labs. WebStorm IDE is a plus

Learn the Angular 2 architecture and how to leverage ES6 by creating a Single Page Application from scratch. Learn the current best practices with the framework. Become familiar with TypeScript, which allows robust variable typing. Angular 2 is built around the concept of components & custom element tags. We will create a production ready application with these Components, as well as Routing & Services. The differences between Angular 1 & 2 will be discussed, but no prior AngularJS knowledge is required. A series of labs will allow you to apply your newfound knowledge and see immediate results live online with the latest version of Angular 2.

Speaker: Daniel Zen

CEO of, founder of the New York AngularJS Meetup

Daniel Zen is an MIT graduate and has been writing software for the past three decades. He has also taught computer programming and Agile methodologies at NYU, The New School, and for many Fortune 500 companies. He has worked on large scale art projects, as well as interactive installations at the Museum of Science in Boston & The Milk Gallery. A former consultant to both Google and Pivotal Labs, Zen is now growing his Full Stack JavaScript Development and Training company:

Find Daniel Zen at


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