Track: Next Gen APIs: Designs, Protocols, and Evolution

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Today, systems rely heavily APIs, whether it be a public APIs or internal APIs between microservices. In this track, we will highlight tools and techniques for public API design and evolution, as well as governance of APIs. We will also cover modern challenges of API design for microservices: binary vs. text-based protocols, debugging, and graph-based APIs.

Track Host:
Katharina Probst
Engineering Manager @Netflix
Katharina Probst leads engineering teams at Netflix. She is responsible for the Netflix API, which helps bring Netflix streaming to millions of people around the world. Prior to joining Netflix, she was in the cloud computing team at Google, where she saw cloud computing from the provider side. Her interests include scalable, distributed systems, APIs, cloud computing, and building effective and successful teams. She also holds a PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University.

by Chris Roche
Core Libraries Engineer @Lyft

by Christopher Burnett
Core Libraries Engineer @Lyft

With today's commonplace polyglot architectures, taming service APIs can be challenging. At Lyft, gRPC enforces a common protocol and types to solidify communication between backend services. How can we bring this same consistency to RESTful services and frontends?

In this talk, we will cover how we extended the Protocol Buffer (PB) IDL to create unified APIs and data models. From validation logic to automatic logging and statistics, PBs allow us to speed up development across our Go...


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