Track: Modern CS in the Real World

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Modern systems in production rely on decades of computer science research. Over time, new architectural patterns emerge that enable more resilient and robust systems. In this talk, we'll discuss some of these patterns from systems I've worked on at Google and the related work that provide insights into the motivations behind them.

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Aysylu Greenberg
Software Engineer @Google
Aysylu Greenberg works at Google on Drive infrastructure. In her spare time, she ponders the design of systems that deal with inaccuracies, enthusiastically reads CS research papers, and paints.

by Matt Adereth
Managing Director @TwoSigma

We often want to find the best settings for our systems, whether it’s configuring the best JVM parameters, optimizing user workflows, or selecting the right configuration for a machine learning algorithm. Black-box optimization techniques that can find good (hopefully optimal!) parameters have been investigated for the last 60 years, but over the last 20 years there’s been significant attention placed on creating versions that can take advantage of parallel compute.

In this talk, we’...

by Stuart Sierra
Clojure Developer @Cognitect

What do Lisp, Prolog, Tcl, machine code, and XSLT have in common? It's a computer science-y word that sounds cool and lends an academic sheen to your programming language, but do you know what "homoiconicity" really means? Maybe you saw some Scheme in college, but S-expressions aren't just about macros. This talk will demonstrate the power that comes from having the same data representation at all layers: programming language, specification, database, inter-process communication, and user...

by Alex Kesling
VR Engineer @Google

Virtual reality has been all the rage of late. With a myriad new devices and everyone talking about it, it’s easy to get lost in the hype cycle… but how much has VR made it into the real world? Having reached more than a million students, Google Expeditions is at the forefront of bringing VR to the classroom. Though education presents a world of possibilities, it also brings a plethora of challenges. This talk will explore Google Expeditions as a case study in building meaningful VR...


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