Track: Microservices: Patterns & Practices

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This track explores the real-world patterns and practices of microservices. We will talk about the problems microservices solve and what problems they introduce. We will talk about the monoliths we came from and the architectures we are evolving to. We will talk about the architectural techniques, the organizational practices, and the development methodologies that make microservices successful.

Track Host:
Randy Shoup
VP Engineering at StitchFix, Previously @Google & @Ebay
Randy is a 25-year veteran of Silicon Valley, and has worked as a senior technology leader and executive at companies ranging from small startups, to mid-sized places, to eBay and Google. Randy is currently VP Engineering at Stitch Fix in San Francisco. He is particularly passionate about the nexus of culture, technology, and organization.

by Randy Shoup
VP Engineering at StitchFix, Previously @Google & @Ebay

Stitch Fix takes a unique approach to retail which combines art and science -- we send our clients clothes we think they will love; they keep what they want and return what they don’t. Based on years of data science and machine learning, we develop personalized algorithmic recommendations for each client, and one of our thousands of human stylists hand-curates those recommendations to choose what goes in each box.

This talk will discuss the technology approach and modern development...

by Jim Plush
Sr Director of Engineering @CrowdStrike

At CrowdStrike, we have been successfully utilizing a Microservices based architecture for over 5 years. Going from 0 to 1 million security events per second and over 40 billion events a day in 5 years didn’t come easy. We’ve learned many valuable lessons along the way that we’d like to share with the community.

In this talk, I will walk through real world issues and provide a blueprint that will help you make a successful transition into the Microservice world or improve your...

by Yunong Xiao
Principal Software Engineer @Netflix

Traditionally, a tug of war has existed between service reliability and engineering velocity. Increasing speed to fuel product innovation has meant making tradeoffs in reliability.

Netflix standardizes common functionality, like service discovery, configuration, metrics, logging, and RPC across services. This frees teams to focus on the unique business value of their service. It also enables us to evolve and maintain platform components independently from individual services.



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