Track: Machine Learning 2.0

Machine Learning has made our lives more productive from hailing a ride via Uber’s advanced ML-driven rider and driver matching, or Google Now predicting information you’d need before you need it. Machine learning has also made our lives safer allowing people to rent strangers’ houses via Airbnb or reducing the risk of fraud during online purchases. Recent advances in deep learning have brought more new technologies within our reach including self-driving cars, machine translation, predicting weather several years ahead, automated stock trading and more! In this track, come hear from practitioners about some interesting applications of machine learning and recent practical advances in deep learning.

Track Host:
Soups Ranjan
Director of Data Science @Coinbase
Soups Ranjan is the Director of Data Science at Coinbase, one the largest bitcoin exchanges in the world. He manages the Risk & Data Science team that is chartered with preventing avoidable losses to the company due to payment fraud or account takeovers. Soups has a PhD in ECE on network security from Rice University. He has previously led the development of Machine Learning pipelines to improve performance advertising at Yelp and Flurry. He is the founder of, a round-table forum for risk professionals in San Francisco to share ideas on stopping bad actors.