Track: Immutable Infrastructures: Orchestration, Serverless, and More

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Immutable infrastructures represent one of the more elegant ways to deploy scalable, resilient, and service oriented architectures. Isolating compute functions from persistence and treating functionality as the unit of deployment liberates architectures from designing for the availability of a single piece of hardware. Serverless infrastructure takes this concept to the micro-scale; removing the platform from the equation and focusing on the exact code and function needed to fulfill a request.

In this track, we will examine the current and future state of immutable and serverless infrastructures. Experts will share tools, practical strategies, and epic tales of success and defeat in designing immutable and serverless systems that are resilient, scalable, and secure.

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Ben Hagen
VP Cloud Architect @Salesforce & ’12 Obama Re-Election Campaign Tech Program Security
Ben Hagen is likely the only security professional in the world who has won both a presidential election and an Emmy. He loves security and both building and breaking things. Ben is currently a Vice President/Principle Infrastructure Security Architect at Salesforce and previously lead the Cloud Security Tools and Operations team at Netflix. During the 2012 US Presidential Election he was in charge of security for the Obama re-election campaign’s technology program. Prior to this role, he was a Security Consultant with Neohapsis, and Motorola where he had to break into, and then help fix, the computer networks of lots of organizations. He has built lots of fun tools and systems, has held many impressive sounding certifications, and enjoys pizza and cats.

by Andrew Spyker
Open Source Coordinator @Netflix

Project Titus is Netflix's container runtime on top of Amazon EC2. Titus powers algorithm research through massively parallel model training, media encoding, data research notebooks, ad hoc reporting, NodeJS UI services, stream processing and general micro-services. As an update from last year's talk, we will focus on the lessons learned operating one of the largest container runtimes on a public cloud. We'll cover the migration we've seen of applications and frameworks from VM's to...


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