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Case studies from the most relevant names in software

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Jean Barmash
Director of Engineering @Tradeshift & Organizer at CTOSchool Meetup
Jean Barmash is currently Sr.Director of Engineering at Tradeshift. He has over 15 years of experience in software industry, and has been part of 4 startups over the last seven years, 3 as CTO / VPE and one of which he co-founded. Prior to his entrepreneurial adventures, Jean held a variety of progressively senior roles in development, integration consulting, training, and team leadership. He worked for such companies as Trilogy, Symantec, Infusion and Alfresco, consulting to Fortune 100 companies like Ford, Toyota, Microsoft, Adobe, IHG, Citi, BofA, NBC, and Booz Allen Hamilton. Jean is passionate about raising the level of technical leadership, and for the last five years has been organizing CTO School meetup, an organization he co-founded and grew to over 1,600 members. Jean speaks frequently at conferences, meetups, blogs (infrequently) at, and tweets almost just as infrequently at @jbarmash. Jean lives in NY with his awesome and supportive wife and two hilariously-funny kids.

by Phillipa Avery
Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

by Robert Reta
Senior Software Engineer @Netflix

In November of 2016 Netflix successfully launched its new Download feature, allowing users to download and play content offline on their mobile devices. This feature required us to change our previously stateless distributed licensing service to be real time and stateful. In a matter of months we needed to create a brand new stateful service that could evolve with rapid feature requirement iterations, while also being able to scale to millions of members using the feature across the globe....


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