BoF and After Hours Sessions

Thank you for your interest, submissions are closed.


What’s a BoF?

Bird’s of a Feather, or BoF has been around for a while. It is basically an informal discussion, special interest, or working group you often find at major software conferences. These special interest groups could be a meeting of a regional/national User Group or it could be a group of people who just want to get together and discuss a topic outside the normal topics at QCon.


What’s an After Hours Session?

After Hours Sessions are informal sponsor-led discussions on everything from technologies, trends to innovative products and/or services.


 At QCon New York 2016, we are opening six rooms for on Tuesday evening for BoFs and After Hours Sessions. Space is limited so there is a three week window for submissions (April 11-May 2). Following the three week window, our organizing committee will vote in a group or topic to use the space.

 We hope you enjoy QCon BoFs and After Hours, and you use them to further develop your network, strengthen your community ties, and build better software.


When are the BoFs and After Hours Sessions?

On Tuesday evening, from 7pm. We will have two 50 minute windows where we can schedule BoF’s in 5 different rooms (there is a 15 minute break between BoF’s).


Who can attend BoFs and After Hours Sessions?

All QCon attendees are free and welcome to attend any BoF of After Hours. Additionally, QCon will open Eventbrite registrations to allow Communities to attend. If you are not a QCon attendee, you can still come to a QCon BoF or After Hour Session.

QCon will make available a certain number of BoF/AH tickets available for free on Eventbrite for Tuesday evening. Simply print your ticket, bring it with you to the Marriott, and that will get you admission to the evening’s sessions.

How do I submit a BoF?

Visit and submit a session between April 11th and May 2nd. Selections will be made on May 6th and posted online. Anyone may submit a BoF or After Hours Session.


What would increase my chances of having a BoF accepted?

How does your BoF foster, enhance, or build community? Do you have a network of people already interested in getting together and need a quality space? How well does your topic align with QCon? These are the types of questions that the committee will use to choose the BoF’s.


What do I get for hosting a BoF?

We understand that there is stress around organizing a successful BoF. We also recognize the type of person who would do this is the type of leader we really want at QCon. So if you organize a BoF, we will offer you a full one-day ticket the day of your BoF to QCon (but, sorry, only one ticket).

 Almost as important as what you get for hosting a BoF is what you don’t get. You don’t get a full conference pass for all 3 days. You get a 1-day pass for Tuesday. Additionally, we do not provide Travel & Expense to BoF hosts. The host must accept responsibility for the room as we will not have in-room volunteers during the BoF’s