1:00pm - 4:00pm


Intermediate/Advanced: Experience with AngularJS, Strong understanding of JavaScript, HTML & AJAX. A laptop will be useful to try some examples available online. Due to the density of the course material being covered, there will be no official lab time. A pre-installation of node will help if you want to try some advanced examples available on GitHub.

Tutorial: Advanced AngularJS

Building on the morning introductory class, we will discuss Angular Forms: controls, events, & validation. And, show how to take advantage of popular libraries such as Angular UI & Angular Bootstrap. We will demonstrate how to do testing in AngularJS with examples both at the Unit level & End-to-End using Karma, Jasmine, & Protractor with deeper examples of Directives & Routes. Time permitting we will discuss the $digest cycle of the AngularJS data binding mechanism.

Daniel Zen Elsewhere

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