Fun and games with enterprise software. Introducing the WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and the interesting things you can do with it

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

This talk will cover several topics - starting with an introduction to the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile which will showcase what it is and how it is improving the development experience the talk will then explore how the Liberty profile's extensible architecture allowed some interesting additions to "gamify" the running of enterprise software. The talk will also showcase what you can do when enterprise software becomes mobile and the implications this has. Finally the talk will showcase and discuss the IBM Code Rally game which is built on top of the Liberty Profile and other IBM software.

Tom Banks's picture
Tom is the technical evangelist for the IBM WebSphere Application Server Liberty Profile and architect for IBM Code Rally. Tom has worked at IBM for over 4 years as a software engineer working across a range of IBM products as well as participating in and organising educational events aimed at getting schoolchildren interested in computer science and software engineering. Tom has done a lot of work looking into the gamification of software and the benefits that gamification brings, as well as how to interface with software in new ways - this includes a Minecraft modification that turns the Minecraft game into a user interface for the WAS Liberty profile. Tom's most recent work involves the Code Rally developer game and the Liberty controlled car.