Security to Connect Back-end APIs with HTML5 Cross Platform Apps

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

Is HTML5's abstracted web browser OS with server side security controls a more secure mobile application approach for the enterprise? The approach negates reliance on expensive MDM mobile device management software putting IT directly in control of the web API. Intel shows how to build a 2-tier mobile optimized backend & API management architecture that securely connects with HTML5 cross platform tools. We'll showcase how mobile friendly security & communication is done using OAuth, Websockets, JSON based data exchange, & Cross Origin Resource Sharing (CORS) best practices. We highlight how to address PCI & PII compliance data protection via tokenization for mobile data flows. All attendees receive: Mobile Middleware Buyers Guide & link to the open source Intel XDK tools.

Andy Thurai's picture
Andy Thurai is Chief Architect and Group CTO of Application Security and Identity Products with Intel, where he is responsible for architecting SOA, Cloud, Mobile, Big Data, Governance, Security, and Identity solutions for their major corporate customers. In his role, he is responsible for helping Intel/McAfee field sales, technical teams and customer executives. His interests and expertise include Cloud, SOA, identity management, security, governance, and SaaS.