Data Movement at Very Large Scale: Real-World Examples in Capital Markets, Customer Service and Sensor Networks

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

Most big data strategies focus on storage and analytics, with the collection and distribution of all that information an afterthought. Using real-world examples of distributed big data systems in capital markets trading systems, mobile carrier customer service systems, and M2M sensor networks, this talk will discuss the value and challenges of efficiently moving information at big data scale. From the aggregation of distributed data for loading into Hadoop clusters to synchronizing terabyte-scale in-memory data grids across geographies, Ken will discuss techniques and tools that can increase the rate and efficiency of data flows within big data architectures.

Ken Overton's picture
As a consultant with Lab49 Ken's work as developer and architect has run the gamut of financial applications from Pricing and Analytics to High Frequency Trading, for small prop trading desks and some of the highest profile SDP's. He is a subject matter expert in Trading Systems Architecture, Complex Event Processing, Service Oriented Architecture, and Event Driven Architecture. He is a fan of any language with a Hindley-Milner type system and the Detroit Red Wings