Polyglot Persistence - From NoSQL to HTML5

Legends Ballroom - Gleason-Roebling

Data is the fuel enterprises run on and the data access requirements of today's Java applications have grown to include JSON REST services for HTML5 and mobile clients, NoSQL database persistence, and multi-tenancy. Most developers use an assortment of independent frameworks to cope with each of these disparate requirements often having to copy and transform data from one format into another as it makes its way from database to browser and back again. Or they have to craft custom extensions to frameworks to provide features they were never designed to support. EclipseLink, best known as an open source provider of JPA for database access on the backend and JAXB for web services on the front end, has evolved to simplify the entire path from front to back. EclipseLink has added JSON binding to support HTML5 clients, zero code JAX-RS REST service support, NoSQL database persistence, and has integrated JPA with JAXB to make it easy to move data from database to XML or JSON and back again without data loss.

In this session we'll dive into EclipseLink's new services and build an application that goes from browser to database leveraging EclipseLink both in the back end for data persistence and on the front end for JSON over REST to HTML5 and JavaScript clients.

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Doug Clarke is a Director of Product Management for Oracle Application Server's Java Persistence solutions and the co-lead of the Eclipse Persistence Services Project (EclipseLink). Doug has extensive enterprise development, consulting, and educational field experience in the areas of object-relational persistence, data access, and systems integration. He brings together concrete experiences from projects of various sizes and industries with a practical approach to design, testing, and performance tuning.