Building Cross Platform Mobile Apps: Dev Tools, MBaaS and Architecture

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When starting a new project, the early decisions on architecture and tools will determine the success of the project, from initial release through long term ease of updates and maintenance. How do we determine what tools make sense for certain projects? What architectures make the most sense for API-driven mobile apps, or apps that will need to function when the device goes offline? By exploring the emerging best practices and specific mobile use cases, it becomes easier to predict the success of a mobile app project.

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Alex Gaber, is an API Evangelist for Layer 7 Technologies a company that manages over 300 APIs spanning enterprises and government.  Starting as a software developer 18 years ago, Alex grew up in Silicon Valley and is an active member in the hackathon and developer community.  He has a passion for building web and mobile applications that integrate numerous APIs and to create innovative and unique solutions.