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Build your custom schedule

QCon attendees and speakers can login in the site and create a custom version of the schedule choosing their favourite talks from multiple that might be happening at the same time in different parallel tracks.

How to build your custom schedule

  1. If you're not already logged-in please do (log in URL /user)
  2. Go to the schedule page. Notice how when you now hover over talks during the conference days (Wed-Fri only), their cells get highlighted.
  3. Click on the cells of the talks you're interested in. Notice how the highlighted color remains.
  4. Click a highlighted cell again to remove the selection.
  5. When done selecting, please go to your account page (URL /my-account). There you can find your custom schedule in the "My Schedule" section.

You can also add/remove presentations from your custom schedule by clicking on the star sign next to their title in their page. 

How to share you schedule with others

  1. You custom schedule is private by default — no one can view it besides you. If you want to share it with colleagues, friends or over social media, please click on "Generate sharable links".
  2. The system will then generate public URL that you can use.
  3. If at any point we want to remove the public links, you can click on "Hide shared schedule", and the public links will stop working.

Important notes

  • The organisers might share your preferences with the speakers in order to allow them to fine-tune their material to the audience.
  • Your data will not be shared with any other party, nor will it be saved after the end of the conference.

For any questions please contact webmaster@qconnewyork.com.